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Lake Joondalup Baptist College (LJBC) is a welcoming and diverse community where students and families connect to grow and enjoy a strong sense of belonging. Guided by Christian values, LJBC inspires each student to be kind, resilient and seek wisdom, providing a place where they develop the confidence and compassion to serve.

We encourage parents to discuss their child’s hopes and dreams, then visit us to see how LJBC can guide every student on their learning journey of opportunity, and empowered to discover their own futures.

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Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Located in the heart of Joondalup, our vibrant, modern campus has been home to students from
Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 for over 30 years. At the heart of LJBC is a passion to help our students achieve their full potential – in the classroom and beyond.

At LJBC, every student is known, encouraged and challenged to be themselves in a place where they are free to be and motivated to become. Our culture separates us from other schools. We believe that, in knowing each student as an individual, we will help them find their place in school and in life.

LJBC develops high achievement in all our students, always taking into account an individual’s unique blend of skills and abilities. We are as committed to realising a student’s dream of becoming an author as we are another students’ desire to pursue medicine or a professional sporting career. We believe a supportive, challenging and rewarding environment is the most paramount.

Our outstanding staff are driven by a shared calling to inspire learners, build character and develop a sense of purpose.


Seamless Growth From PK to Year 12

From PK to Year 12, LJBC students are valued as curious, capable and collaborative learners and their uniqueness is celebrated in a safe and inclusive learning environment. 

Throughout their journey at LJBC, they are encouraged to develop resilience and a sense of personal responsibility while being nurtured in a supportive environment. Our broad range of co-curricular options, extensive camps, community service, leadership and mentoring programs alongside our academic offering ensures students can be challenged and engaged in a Christian setting. 

We support our students by inviting them to take more responsibility for their learning journey and career path, providing them with increased independence and guiding them towards developing a positive sense of identity.

Open Morning

Join us for LJBC’s Kindy Open Morning on Wednesday 20 March from 9.00am to 10.15am.This year our theme is ‘Fun, Friends, Learning’ and our guests will enjoy student performances, guided tours and light refreshments. Engage with our teachers, leaders and explore our modern and vibrant campus.

Year 5
College Tour

We welcome you to LJBC’s Year 5 College Tour on Tuesday 18 June. The tour will give a personalised glimpse into the educational journey that awaits your child at Lake Joondalup Baptist College. You’ll see first-hand how our comprehensive approach to student wellbeing and academic excellence creates an environment where every student can thrive.

RSVP by contacting our Enrolments team on 9300 7444 or

Year 7
Open Evening

We welcome you to LJBC’s Year 7 Open Evening on Wednesday 27 March from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. This evening will be a great opportunity for families to meet our leaders and student councillors, participate in learning activities and enjoy some light refreshments.

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RSVP by contacting our Enrolments team on 9300 7444 or

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